"The Problem Is Not The Problem... The Problem Is Not Seeing The Problem."

The People

Marty Carroll
Creator of the Kanbanner Experience, Marty Carroll is the Senior Operations Executive at a global manufacturer and
supplier of paper products and office supplies in 120 countries with 6K employees & 1 billion world wide sales making over 30 thousand different products.  Proven leader of lean transformations
Marypat Cooper Author of the KAIZEN SKETCHBOOK, Formerly a senior management
consultant with Moffitt Associates, Marypat is the Kaizen Promotion Officer of a national healthcare corporation. Additional industries served include global paper products manufacturing, international finished construction materials, HR, IT and Aerospace.
Her efforts to fully integrate kaizen and continuous improvement throughout various corporate functions have resulted in record-breaking productivity and profit gains.  She has led teams to successfully overhaul pay systems, product families, supply chains, equipment design and information flow systems to profitably delight customers.
The Products

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Recognition for 2MC2
Marty and Marypat's efforts have been acknowledged in Lean Thinking by Jim Womack and Daniel Jones, Gemba Kaizen by Masaaki Imai, and Who’s Counting by Jerry Solomon.
Marypat was recognized in 2008 for her contribution to the development of Lean Certification by SME, The Shingo Prize and AME.